Travel to Uganda

Visiting Uganda: A life changing experience

Read what Mark Saker and Susan Fowler say about their experiences visiting Jajja’s Kids, Africa

As they were listening to a reading of “Harold’s Fairy Tale” by Crockett Johnson, the children were drawing images that they saw in their imagination.

Come on a volunteer trip to visit Uganda and work with the children and staff at Jajja’s Kids’ home. You will experience everyday life in Africa and be fascinated by all you see, hear, and learn. A 3-day, 2-night safari is always an option.

Would you like to:

  • Meet Jajja’s Kids in person?
  • See first-hand the great work that Ronnie is doing
  • Share your interests and skills with the children in our home?
  • Get a direct and in-depth experience of life in Africa?

It is never too soon to start thinking about joining our next volunteer trip to Uganda. Groups are never more than eight, and we guarantee you will have a life-changing experience!

To get some understanding of what is involved in traveling to visit our kids, see Visit Kampala, Uganda – with Jajja’s Kids Travel Guidelines.

The book reflects what each of our kids think is their best body part, their writing of why they selected the part, their drawing of the part, and, then a photo of it.

Typical activities during a two-week trip to Uganda:

  • Bring supplies of shoes, clothes, games
  • Take the kids and staff on field trips: dance performances, movies, dinner
  • Have fun with the children
    • Play soccer
    • Be challenged at checkers
    • Help children with art projects, i.e. paintings used to create note cards
    • Work on a special project with the children, i.e. The Best Part of Jajja’s Kids  2017 book
    • Help with house repairs
    • Get to know the staff
    • Meet community leaders
    • Tour schools and hospital
    • Go on a 3-day Safari