Team – USA

Board of Directors and Advisors

Diane Reiner, Program Director and Board President:

During my first trip to Uganda in 2006, I experienced two life-changing lessons. The first was learning how a 6 year old child could end up alone in the world, with daily survival his primary focus. I also quickly learned that same child might have something great to offer to the world—if only given a chance.

These understandings came to me from Ronnie Sseruyange, who had been that 6 year old child. When I first met twenty year old Ronnie I saw a big heart not crushed by past circumstances, but instead inspired to be a leader and help others avoid the suffering he had endured. Helping Ronnie help others is why I do what I do.

Mark Saker, Vice President:

I am involved with Jajja’s Kids for a very simple reason. It’s the most rewarding experience of my life. To give so little and yet see how much it can truly change a person’s life, maybe even generations of lives, is incredible.Every ounce of effort, every penny of money makes a difference – and to know every Jajja’s Kid and staff member after two visits to Kampala is an honor- they are my friends and my family for life.

Susan Fowler, Sponsorship Coordinator

I am involved with Jajjas Kids because I believe all children, no matter where they are born, have the right to an education and a safe and happy life. People often think that the needs in Africa are just too huge and we can’t possibly help them all. That is true but I love knowing that I CAN help this group of children to have a secure, healthy and happy future. That’s exactly what we are doing.

Joanna Stellato-Kabat, Treasurer
Connie Frisbee Houde, Recording Secretary: 

When good friends get deeply involved with something, I take notice. Jajja’s Kids struck me from the beginning as something deep and special. As it has grown and my involvement with it, I am here because of the deep love and caring I have experienced from all involved. I am here because of the difference it is making in the children’s lives as well as the staff, the African community and the support community in the US. To put us simply, I have fallen in love.

Nassrin Adhami, Advisor:

Julie Redmond, Advisor

Every child deserves a chance to be happy, healthy, educated, and loved. Our children have such enthusiasm for life and the opportunities being given to them it reminds me every day how precious life is.